2017 Noh Performances

Location : Umewaka Nohgaku Gakuin Kaikan
                   Higashi Nakano 2-6-14, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

Access: 8-minute walk from Higashi-Nakano station (JR/Oedo Line), 8-minute walk from A2, 2 Nakano-Sakaue satation (Oedo/Marunouchi Line)



Noh Theater  Reley Performances 2017

Fri,Nov 24th
Umewaka Noh Theater
Start 7pm ( Open 6pm )
Ticket 4000yen
There is the rental of the earphone guide
Rental : 700yen
Deposit :1000yen
Noh  Title : Adachigahara


November 23rd on Thursday 11am-4pm

Noh Theater performance

Performance Tickets:

Reserved seat   10000 yen

General Admission 8000 yen

Maibayashi: Taema Gensho Umewaka






December 17th on Sunday 1pm-4pm

Noh Theater performance



Performance Tickets:

Buy Now

Reserved seat 8000yen

General Admission 7000yen

Student ticket 3000yen

Students must show their student identification cards to get students tickets when you come to theater.


For more information and tickets, please contact me at yokolayer@gmail.com

noh stage

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