Introducing the world of Noh


Are you visiting Japan or living in Japan, and would like more understanding of Japanese traditional culture in a one-to-one or small group format? 
noh stage

If so, we have an ongoing lecture series focusing on the history and plays of Noh Theater combined with attending a live performance of Noh Theater with pre- and post-play discussions.
We also offer classes in Noh Theater song and dance from a Noh Theater professional artist.

There are four main types of traditional theater in Japan: Nohgaku, Kyogen, Kabuki and Bunraku. Nohgaku is the oldest of these, with the same few hundred plays put on today that were first written and performed back in the 15th century. Nohgaku is a dramatic, musical dance performance rich with symbolism. Plots draw on Buddhist and Shinto mythology.
Led by certified Kanze-ryu shihan (instructor) Yoko Layer, these workshops, lectures, or classes will introduce participants to the History and conceptual aspects of Nohgaku by inviting them to explore Nohgaku’s stylized chant, movement (and instrumental music). Participants will also be introduced to the spiritual roots of Nohgaku that has strong connections with the Shinto-ism that is deeply rooted in the Japanese people and traditions. Understanding this connection is similar to understanding the importance of Shakespeare to Western culture.
Let’s feel and experience the aesthetic world of Nohgaku together!!
You will have the chance to stand on the sacred Nohgaku stage and dance while using the stylized chant.

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