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Hello !! My name is Yoko Layer, and I am a Noh theater actor.

Yashima as a Noh Theater Stage
Yashima Noh Dance by Noh theater actor Yoko Layer

A web series by Meridiano Teatret (DK) in collaboration with Artecapt (CH), featuring international artists working together separately.

This is a Noh theater workshop DVD with Yoko Layer.
Let’s enjoy learning together for 34 minutes.
You will learn about
* The history of Noh
* What is Noh?
* The meaning Noh stage
You will get to practice Noh singing and movement in your own home with your friends and family!
If you can apply directly to me, I will give you a workshop file by using
Fee: 880yen.
If you are living in Japan, you can get this workshop DVD by mail.
880yen +180yen(shipping) =1060yen
Please contact

Online Noh singing lessons

Now Available !

Please contact Yoko at


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