Noh Theater Lecture Series Plus Song and Dance Classes

A great opportunity to be introduced to Noh Theater as part of a tour at Umewaka Nohgaku-do, and those who attend will get an opportunity to experience dancing, singing, and chanting.

Led by certified Kanze-ryu shihan (instructor) Yoko Layer, these workshops will introduce participants to the History and conceptual aspects of Nohgaku by inviting them to explore Nohgaku’s stylized chants and movement in a traditional setting.

600_448665064Participants will also be introduced to the spiritual roots of Nohgaku that has strong connections with the Shinto-ism that is deeply rooted in the Japanese people and traditions.

Understanding this connection is similar to understanding the importance of Shakespeare to Western culture.600_450388675

Let’s feel and experience the aesthetic world of Noh together!!

You will have the chance to stand on the sacred Noh main stage, and dance while using the stylized chant/song in the Noh rehearsal space.

Online Noh singing lessons

Now Available !

Please contact Yoko at


Group workshop

Items to Bring for the attendees of the lecture: Japanese socks (tabi) or white socks.

Price  2000yen

Payment in cash when you attend the lecture

Location : Umewaka Nohgaku Gakuin Kaikan

Higashi Nakano 2-6-14, Nakano-ku,Tokyo

Please contact

Please write down about  your name and your phone number if you have.

The  private workshop 

I can do private workshop for you or your group. Please ask me when you want to come.

①Observation tour at Noh theater stage from Audience seats
②Noh lecture
③Noh lecture in the Noh theater classroom
④Experience singing and chanting in the Noh theater classroom
⑤Experience movement  in the Noh theater classroom
⑥Experience Mask in the Noh theater classroom
⑦Experience walking on the Noh theater stage


  • Items to Bring for the attendees of the lecture: Japanese socks (tabi) or white socks.
  • Payment in cash when you attend the lecture
  • Location : Umewaka Nohgaku Gakuin Kaikan Higashi Nakano 2-6-14, Nakano-kuTokyo
  • Access: 8-minute walk from Higashi-Nakano station (JR/Oedo Line) 8-minute walk from Exit A2 or Exit 2 Nakano-Sakaue station (Oedo/Marunouchi Line)
  • Please contact
  • Please write down about a date when you can come,  your name and your phone number if you have.
Price for private workshop 
lecture fee for per person: 5000yen
rental fee for class room :2500yen

Article by a participant

A letter from participants of noh workshop class


I love you !  You are so beautiful and so handsome :PI can feel your passion for Noh and for us.I still remember  you said : I hope you can be interested in your own country’s local culture by Noh. So MEANINGFUL word!I even didn’t know Noh and Noh is from China. Thank you for the memorable experience.

Hello Mrs Yoko,
Good evening ~
As I back to home still memorised the song of Noh with you and everyone, the Noh stories from you also impressed me a lot and I started interested in Noh more~ anyway, quite happy for the experience! Many thanks for your sharing!!!
This is the best way for me to say bye before leaving Japan, hope we will meet again in the future.
Thanks again
with many love
Dear Yoko san: again thank you very much for this very inspiring morning. And unless the long tradition of the Noh theatre and all its rules and its strict ceremonies, I recognise so much about was is essential in theatre; well I should say so much in my quest for other ways of making theatre. Or maybe i should say thanks to its rules and its strict ceremonies which don’t tolerate mediocracy, or the banal … Thanks again
Today before rehearsing I had one of the greatest experiences in my life. Mrs.N.H invited me for a visit behind the screens of the Umewaka Nohgaku-do Gakuin Kaikan. We got guided by actress Yoko Layer. And of course I was thrilled .by wearing a costume, learning the use of the voice, learning how to walk, to move, how to wear the mask, etc.. Thrilled and full of respect. Just the way of moving asks for years of heavy mental and physical training. Most of all I was highly fascinated by the talks I had with Yoko Layer. For instance why she made the change from the ‘normal’ theatre to the Noh-theatre. It was a personal story and I recognized so much…. It was striking to find answers to some of my personal professional questions within this old tradition. We also talked about Zeami and how his ideas are really very modern and very useful for todays actors. I found answers and I heard very recognisable considerations. Thank you Mrs.N.H san, thank you Mrs. Layer for this great and impressive morning. Arigato.
Dear Yoko Layer,
Thank you so much for workshop. Honored to have been given access to the stage. World definitely want to talk more, too. Anyway, we are now in contact with each other.

Hi Yoko,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! again for your terrific Noh workshop. What a thrill to spend a few hours as your student and actually set foot on a Noh stage, something I never imagined possible. You are a truly wonderful, talented teacher and I hope that many other visitors will find your workshops and enjoy a day of learning about Noh. Thank you, too, for giving me information about upcoming Noh performances—I hope to attend one or more during my time in Japan. I will be sure to spread the word about your workshops, and let anyone I meet who is interested in Noh know about them.

With deepest admiration and gratitude,


Blog by a student

mask experience
Mask experience


Movement experience


Mask experience
Walking experience on the Noh stage
Chanting experience on the Noh stage
Noh stage !
Close the workshop. Thank you very much !

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